deahna and jasson

Deahna + Jasson: Part 2

Remember Deahna and Jasson's awesome after session at Cloverbottom? We followed that up with a few more photos at their home.

We did some glam...

Nashville Couples Photography Nashville Couple Photography

(By the way, if you can't read it, that poster totally says, "I survived the Music City Cicada Attack!" Most amazing thing I have ever seen.)

...some romantic...

Nashville Couples Photographer Nashville Love Photography

...and some sweet and casual!

Nashville Couples Photographers

One of the first things they ever told me was how much they love sitting on the front porch and sipping wine, so I had to get some of them in their element. ;)

Thanks again, you guys! Your love really inspires me!

Deahna + Jasson: Part 1 | Clover Bottom Mansion

Deahna and Jasson were married last December. We got together at Clover Bottom about a month ago for a gorgeous after session. They were my guinea pigs for trying out Jesh de Rox's Beloved movement, which I was totally inspired by when I saw him talk at WPPI this year. I'm definitely going to have to start infusing all of my Love Sessions with Beloved, and here's why!

Nashville Wedding Photography Nashville Wedding Photographer Wedding Photographer Nashville Wedding Photography Nashville Middle Tennessee Wedding Photographer Middle Tennessee Wedding Photography

And check out how adorable their son Justice is!

Nashville Child Photography

Thank you guys for being so amazing and up for anything! Stay tuned for part 2!