about me

IMG_9126 crop.jpg

I love photography.

I enjoy the simple things in life. I love driving in warm weather with my windows down, blaring The Strokes or Tame Impala. I also love cuddling up with my cats and watching movies.

I consider cake to be my favorite food. I can’t stand lettuce. I could live off of pepperoni pizza.

I tend to like artsy movies, but not so artsy that they don’t make any sense.

I am a casual gamer and used to be an avid cosplayer. My favorite game is Final Fantasy VI and my favorite costumes were Wallmarket Aeris and Cloud from Final Fantasy VII.

I spend too much money at Anthropologie, but I can always find a way to justify it.

I overuse exclamation points and emoticons. :)

I am a romantic at heart.

I love love.